Short 500 AAPL at $75

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Trend Fader, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Trend Farter.....Only amateurs short a stock in a strong upward trend, you have lots to learn.
  2. "While non-iPod devices often have similar, if not broader (for example: an FM tuner), feature sets than the iPod, none of these devices have shown that they can compete in two key areas: user interface and 'cool' factor," said the analyst.


  3. Ummm,

    I don't know you but you are the one sounding naive (and rather annoying).

    The stock could EASILY pull back to 73 tomorrow. Funny huh? Stocks pulling back from their highs? Geez, that NEVER happens... Maybe you have LOTS to learn.
  4. trend,
    where are you dropping the stop?
  5. He's trying to say, you are one of the most retarded 46 years old who still does not know how to trade.

    Yes I thnk thats what he meant :D
  6. When do I sell? :)
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  7. The price chart of a strong trend.. has no relevance to the future... I can show u many cases of stocks with strong uptrends dropping %20 and vice versa.. so what is your point.

    My stop is over 82.. i am looking for appl to trade in the 60's in the coming weeks.
    #10     Dec 13, 2005