Shops in california?

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  1. Does anyone know of shops in california that let you trade company funds? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Yep,

    itrading in La Jolla. They are prop only last time I spoke with them. Meaning trading company money is the only biz they were doing, although considering other models as well such as charging a desk fee.

    These guys are futures traders. You better have a good track record for the past few years or they probably won't be interested.

    Try PMing WYCOFF Trader via ET. When I last spoke with him in the fall, he was a principal there.

  3. thanks jayford, I tried getting in touch with them, but can't seem to find a contact.
    I've traded equities for a bit. I'm looking for a shop that's willing to take traders with little experience but motivated!! I'm keeping my search limited to california for the time being.

    Thanks for your input!!

    Happy Trading
  4. very little in Cal for Prop trading and training. Several in Chicago which take recent college grads, but mostly futures.
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    About 3 years ago I traded under the San Diego branch office. Good guys with some excellent traders. Not sure how they operate now, you may have to put some money down. But maybe worth trying to contact them and seeing what you can find out.
  6. Here are some that i've found; i hope it helps out others who are looking for shops.

    Caliber Financial Management (SF)
    Wolverine Trading (SF)
    Tuco Trading LLC

    I'll post more as soon as i find out more about them.
  7. We have offices in San Ramon, San Rafael (No. Cal), and Irvine and Arcadia in SoCal. Feel free to call to discuss anything.

    I'm in NY this week, but if you call the office, leave a number, I'll return the call.

    Don 702.739.1393.
  8. what is the address of San Ramon location? I thought you only had offices in Walnut Creek.
  9. PM me and I can give you a location in the South Bay.....