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  1. Searching for the following

    One PCI Express Video Card with 4 HDMI Outputs (DVI acceptable) with efficient power consumption, will meant to be run 24/7/365.

    What's the best out there, not concerned with the price.

    Thank you for your time.
  2. Why does it have to be HDMI? I can only find one card with 3 mini hdmi ports.

    Since you said dvi is acceptable too. I will point you to this page, the one around 100$ is a pretty good solution:

    The number of ports on a video card is not necessarily equal to the number of monitors the card could support simultaneously. Some have 5 ports, but could only support 3 monitors, while other have 2 ports, but could run 4 monitors.

    Just play around with the filter under the section for video card on newegg. If it's expensive, it's not likely to be power efficient, it's going to generate more heat, your power supply might not even support it or it can be too big for your computer case.
  3. Check Nvidia Quadro NVS 420 and/or 450.

    Not likely to find 4-port HDMI... more likely DP or DVI.
  4. I'm also looking for a new video card anyone have comments on the AMD eyefinity products?

    Would like to drive 6 x monitors.
  5. Search on ET. There have been some comments on Eyefinity.

    I believe Eyefinity was designed for gamers to have a large/huge display... .different objectives than "6-monitors for trading".

    Nvidia Quadro NVS is the main player in multi-monitor, multi-card displays for trading and financial markets.
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  7. Excellent, any comments on the ATI 4 port ones ?

    Thank you.
  8. Haven't tried them myself, but I think there is an ET'er or two who use them with OK results.

    I like cards without fans... less noise, no fan to fail... not sure how easy it is to replace a video card fan.
  9. I use this card myself, it runs 4 monitors with the 4th one connected through an active displayport adapter:

    I never tried the quadro card myself. The ones that drive 4 monitors are over 400$. The follow card runs 4 monitors for around 100$. What can you do with the quadro card that you cannot do with this one?

    Eyefinity is a function that turn multiple desktops into one, it's not needed to run multiple monitors.

    There are ati cards that could run 6 monitors like the following for about 300$:

    However, they are demanding in term of power supply and space needed inside the computer case. It's more suitable for gaming than for trading.

    In my own setup, I pair the amd 6770 flex edition with a regular dual monitor card. It drives up to 6 monitors.
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