Shooting Near Texas A&M

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    Is it time for gun control yet?
  2. probably not. people have already stopped talking about the colorado shooting. and the one after that cant even remember where it was.
  3. it appears that there aren't any news articles out at the moment with any confirmed details. we don't know yet if this is a fast and furious gun.

    edit: i am not expecting it to be linked to fast and furious, i'm just trolling obama fans a little bit
  4. Eight


    Take away all the guns and only criminals will have guns...

    BTW: Obama is the worst piece of sh$t POTUS ever!!
  5. Lucrum


    We ALREADY have gun control to the tune of Twenty Two THOUSAND local state and federal gun regulations.

    Myth: Stricter gun control laws could have prevented the Columbine massacre
    Fact: Harris and Klebold violated close to 20 firearms laws in obtaining weapons. Would 21 laws really have made a difference? The two shotguns and one rifle used by Harris and Klebold were purchased by a girlfriend who passed a background check, and the TEC-9 handgun used was already banned.
  6. BSAM


    Looks like we need some more real gun laws.
  7. Lucrum


    People who commit mass murder/shootings don't follow or even care about gun laws. No matter how many are on the books. Is your solution to our drug abuse problem more drug laws? How about driving under the influence which despite all the laws to the contrary people still do? More DUI laws going to stop that? How about theft and rape? A few more "REAL" laws outlawing what's already against the law going to reduce those crimes?

    How about speeding in your car? You gonna tell me you've NEVER driven over the speed limit despite the fact that it's against the law?
  8. I think our existing gun laws are onerous. Back when I was a kid, you could order guns from the Sears Roebuck catalogue. Of course, you could also order a house and they would ship you the parts. In the Dc area, most of those houses are still standing and worth a ton of money. Actually, they are prized by buyers.

    but I digress. Why should it be illegal to buy a handgun in a state where you are not a resident? What difference does it make? Say I have a vacation home in Texas and live in Chicago. (thanks goodness I don't in real life) Why shouldn't I be allowed to buy all the handguns I want in texas? Why is it legal to discriminate in favor of residents? Don't I have just as much right to defend myself?

    And why do you have to pay a huge fee to get a suppressor, ie silencer? If i have to shoot someone who broke into my house, why should I have to damage my hearing?

    And why are liberals always trying to legislate all the fun out of life? They want to limit how powerful cars can be or tax them as gas guzzlers? Why is that any of their buisness? They want to tell us what kind of lgiht bulbs we can use and even how much water we can use to flush the f'ing john. Now that idiot Bloomberg wants to tell us how big a big gulp we can gulp. I notice he doesn't seem to care about homos spreading aids right and left, but by golly, he'll clamp down hard on those dangerous big gulps.

    My advice: buy as many guns as you can stash, then rent some secure storage and buy more, plus plenty of ammo. Better to have and not 'em than need 'em and not be able to get 'em because we reelect a guy who already imagines he is a dictator. Who knows what he might do in his second term?
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    You're just thinking inside the box, Lukie.
  10. BSAM


    Actually, they are.
    We need clarity with fewer, more uniform and much stricter parameters.
    It can be done.
    Our whores keep the confusion going to keep the money flowing.
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