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Discussion in 'Forex' started by usdBull, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. usdBull


    I'm not saying it is the breakout week, but I got a hunch it may happen soon.

    Time to find out if usdBull is full of Bull or if the mighty dollar reasserts itself.

    I am currently...

    Long USDJPY from 114.59
    Long USDCAD from 1.11199
    Long USDCHF from 1.2320
    Short AUDUSD from .7666
    Short EC (Euro FX) from 1.2856

    Good luck everyone. I am going to need it here.

  2. zdreg


    the dollar will not reassert itself until people no longer call the dollar mighty.
  3. usdBull


    This could be it. It is a false move to the upside. Don't fall for it.

    The Almighty Dollar will triumph.

  4. usdBull


  5. usdBull


    Hey guys, don't get upset with me for my steadfast view. Not trying to provoke anyone or anything. Just trying to start conversation. I realize believeing in the ability of the USD to actually appreciate is a radical view but I do actually believe it and am positioned in "actual" trades for it.

    I think this week will be interesting from a data standpoint. Mainly because the USD has left it up to the Mighty Euro to prove herself on her own for a change. Let's see what she's got. Most likely all the data will come in bad and the Euro will fly to 1.30+.

  6. usdBull


    Another chart