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    DB Comodity Index Daily

    Famous Quote - "I can find a Gann angle that will make any of my theories seem correct at any given moment"

    Come to think of it, I do not even know who Gann is? But these damn lines work really well on LONG TERM charts.
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    We will likely make another run at the highs for balance, but just in case I am visualizing this chart in alternative ways.

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    Okay the condensed view on this first since it goes back to near the birth of the EURUSD. Focus on the channel and the median.
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    My good friend DRT alerted me to this one.

    Very simple fibos on the ascent. You will see the green median channel below. Its a tough decision for us all. Hedgies, Central Banks, Russians, etc.

    Down, down , down like a burning ring of fire....
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  5. Just because no one is responding to these posts doesn't mean no one is reading. Please continue your commentary.

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    Meet Big Momma. Her timing is lousy, but her directional forecasting ability is incredible. I do not know how she does it. Baffles me how these things work. Maybe she was Leonardo Davinci's momma.
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    Thanks Ivan. I always get more out of pictures. Less talk and opinion. I am just passing the time. Hopefully others will post their charts. I like the thread that ZZZzzzzzzzz has going where he post all his stock charts.

    This one amazes me. The red down trendlines are a simple fibo fan stretched from the EURUSD high to most recent lows back a few months ago. The green uptrends stretched from all time low to all time high. Notice how the fibo line stopped the action today, on the housing number at that. It is a 78% line and until we really get above here, it is my feeling that we are headed down.

    Really amazing when you think about it. Maybe I should start trading based on charts.
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    Newsflash from the ET Gazette - Gann Predicting Lower Oil Prices.

    AP- USDCAD longs find comfort in a recent prediction by a dead man.....
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    Yen vs Yankees - Almost forgot.

    This chart requires intense thought under a blacklight. I guess it could go either way, but my call is up. If you think about this, the reversal will come when the months hit the 100% line or soon thereafter. So we may only hit 200 or so before then.

    Be sure and study this one because every one and there brother think the YEN is going to appreciate against the lowly USD. Are you in that same camp? Not me.

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    A good Captain always stays in the channel when navigating unknown waters.
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