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    AUDUSD is hemmed in. Breakout imminent.

    I have been short this pair at .7666 for some time. I should have played the range.
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    Make or Break Time is nearing.
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    Swissy to 150?? C'mon couldn't happen Bull.
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    13:48 EUR/USD: Holding Steady Ahead Of Data - C/B Purchases Noted] New York
    August 23. EUR/USD is trading in a 1.28 15-25 range as moribund markets mark
    time. Dealers noted that smaller European central banks had been seen at the
    lows yesterday snapping up a few bargains, and were present again on dips this
    morning - but volumes were reportedly modest. News that a large US investment
    bank bought a 1 bln EUR 2-wk call yesterday also helps explain the EUR"s
    resilience - its a pretty big bet to get wrong. Other large US investment houses
    have been reportedly buying 1.30 and 1.31 strikes in size - with maturities
    slated for Sep 6 - rumours are that over EUR 4 bln have been purchased over the
    past couple of days. Which is quite interesting because the Euro isn"t really
    doing that well with such vested interests at play - wouldn"t a big home sales
    number really throw the cat amongst the pigeons? With Chicago long EUR in good
    size, and the US investment houses long EUR call options in good size - the
    salient question seems to be who else needs to buy them? I guess we will find
    out after the number.
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    Hi usdBull,

    Why do you use a scale 0.0005 instead of 0.001 ?

    Thank you
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    Not really sure Ceci. I am no technician. This one seems to work on this particular time frame for me.

    Why do you use .001? Is that a standard or something?

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    Here's a weekly at .001 This makes it pretty obvious why we have the volatility. If the green 1x1 holds, up she goes. If it gives way finally then down she goes mate.

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    Time to get long USDCAD or is it a little scary here?

    Short term chart

    This pair is going to zoom to levels from the 19th century. Nosebleed area. If it doesn't my retirement may be a little jeopardized.:eek:
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    Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Will she pull back to the green line and zoom or will parabolic tendencies give way to the real world?

    This is a personal favorite. The right call here could make or break your dreams of being a billionaire.

    Commodities are headed down, down for a good while. Once China gets its hands around things a little better then Mr. Rogers can put in a swimming pool.

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