ShonEx vs Anvil

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by morbius14, Jan 20, 2007.

Which Software is better for day trading Equities?

  1. Anvil is Better

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  2. SchonEx is Better

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  1. Has anyone traded on both platforms and care to give a critic? I've traded on a platform very similar to Anvil and have talked to people who use Anvil so I know it's a good system. However, I don't hear much about ShonEx. I assume it's key-board oriented? (which is good cause I'm a keyboard trader) Thanks everyone!
  2. ozkar


    Ive traded on both platforms, the schonex is a pretty good fully customizable platform. I haven't used it in a bit but when I was there they had a schonsite software that was pretty good for scanning the market and such. Anvil is a pretty easy to configure and customize platform allowing you to do everything easily, from basket trading to single stocks, keyboard and mouse etc. Though they are coming out with better charts, most people use additional more comprehensive charting programs, esignal, tradestation, realtick etc. I personally think both are capable but like Anvil better.
  3. Bobarino


    Yeah, I would tend to agree..... I demoed the Schon stuff and found it capable, but Anvil is way more customizable. Anvil is really geared towards keyboard traders, otherwise its "order tickets" for order entry.

    I also use the API for algorithm trading, its very sharp as well.
  4. bouncy


    What about Anvil and ShonEx versus Lightspeed, which Shonfeld now offers?