shocking (NOT) IB down AGAIN @ night. help finding an alternative PLEASE...

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    IB is down, again, overnight while i am trading HHI.HK. this is the 5th or 6th time in the last month. conservatively this has cost me @ least $6-7,000.

    does anyone have an alternative to IB with somewhat comparable commish and BETTER reliability? need to have access to SGX, HKFE, and DAX (and US markets, of course). i generate over $3,000/month to ib in commissions, to give you an idea of my trading volume.

    this is like a bad breakup- 'i like a lot of things about you, but this just isn't working out for me and you're killing me...'

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    There hasn't been any problems today with systems or HK exchange connection.

    Sounds like you are on the US server, in which case you get a short reset everyday at around this time. Contact CS and they can switch you to HK server.
  3. well this is second hand but you may want to switch your prime ib server

    the north american server goes down for maintenance ever day at midnight eastern
    for up to five minute

    I think you can switch to the asian server and this will happen at a different time
  4. gangof4


    what a surprise- that is the pat answer everyone @ IB gives whenever their server goes down. i have chat transcripts where i tell the CSR 3x that it was NOT the server reset, that i am familiar with the server reset (9.25PST every night) and that the outage was 4 different times 90, 60 and 20 minutes before the reset. the next line the csr types: just be aware that the server reset.... (i am not kidding, if you want to see it, i'll send it to you).

    tonight, first the charts went down, then booktrader, then everything. signed out, wouldn't re-login. i signed on with a DIFFERENT computer on a DIFFERENT internet connection (i have redundancy- cable and dsl- not that IB seems to understand the concept of redundancy). anyway- let me in but no quotes for asian markets (US markets came up, but only after about 30 seconds).

    today i also, again, had a 9 second lag between order acknowledgment and execution when i was 'in the money'.

    so... no, not a server reset problem.

    btw, when ever i have filed a trouble ticket it has gone completely unanswered- got the initial 'we got it' email, after that- nothing.

    like i said, i've had it with IB. i am looking for an alternative.
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    Please also note that there is also a telephone trading desk available at the usual CS numbers
  6. gangof4


    the server reset is a known- nearly always @ 9.25PST. THAT isn't the problem, it's the constant drops, hiccups, etc. in the HHI.HK, 10 minutes could easily mean $10,000- even with just 3 contracts.

    i looked into the asian server and was advised against, as the asian server has real issues if you want to trade the US markets (which i do every day). ib has no solution other than to have me open a second account, have another $10,000 that doesn't earn interest and have to have enough in each to cover margin- not a realistic solution.

    IB has a lot to offer in terms of commish rates and breadth of products, but when their unreliable non-redundant system costs me an additional $3m/month on to of their $3m/month in commish, it's time to find somebody who i can actually rely on...
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    yeah, tied that when asian server went down for 40 minutes several days ago (there is a thread on ET, so don't pretend like it was my issue and not yours). i called, finally got to a trader and 90 seconds and 5 identity confirm questions (to include my driver's license!) when i told him the market was moving fast against me- and then the call dropped. a nice $600 conversation that was.

    my point is that you, IB, should have sufficient redundancy built in to not have a server issue bring down your system for 40 minutes. i'm not doing the 'ol buy and hold with HHI.HK futures- 40 minutes is an eternity. frankly, 5 minutes is. i would imagine you know this. i have not had broker connectivity issues like this since about 1997. 2007, it's inexcusable.
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    I'm sure you've seen my posting history on ET. If there's an outage I will say so. We have had no issues today in Asia.
    Your account reset is NOT the same time everyday. Why don't you request the server change.

    For the order lag issue please send the details in a ticket, PM me the ticket number and I can check whether it's a server related issue or something else. I had a brief look and can't see any tickets today related to outages or Asian exchange order issues.
  9. What are the issues? Concerned...
  10. gangof4


    i was told my a trader @ IB that it goes down for the reset while the US market is open, it's more random, and down longer. that was all i needed to hear to dissuade me from that option, so i didn't look into it any further.
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