Shocking! Nobody knows a real answer to that simple question

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  1. People fly to the moon, create nanotechnology and "internet on computers" :D with instant communication globally.

    What the heck, i cannot believe, but this seems to be the case!
    Such a simple issue and humanity just does not know.......

    what is the exact purpose for men facial and body hair?

    When it comes to hair on our scalp and genital hair... every man AND woman has them to protect the brain and genitals from excess cold or excess heat.

    But arms, face or legs?
    I want a scientific paper or explanation what is the biological purpose of it.
  2. Here's what modern scientists have to say:

    "Humans, like all other organisms, are living museums, full of useless parts that are remnants of and lessons about our evolutionary histories (Chapter 6). Humans have more than 100 non-molecular vestigial structures. For example, our body hair has no known function."

    "Body hair is another functionless human trait. It seems to be an evolutionary relic of the fur that kept our distant ancestors warm (and that still warms our closest evolutionary relatives, the great apes)."

    The issue is not that easy since Indians and South East Asians have almost none body and facial hair. While men in Turkey, Greece, Iran are the most hairy. Temperature in all these areas is comparable.

    Also, women who live in cold climates don't produce much body hair, so the function of providing warmth must be thrown away.