Shocking news coming to a headline soon!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bellman, Nov 17, 2008.

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    The Japanese economy is officially in a recession when measured in YEN… BUT, their economy is BOOMING when measured in dollars!

    The American economy is not yet officially in a recession when measured in dollars, but the American economy is mired in a depression when measured with the Yen or the Yuan!!!

    Glancing at the charts today I was flummoxed… We’re having a credit crises, yet the money supply is still increasing at a faster rate than other currencies? This is the biggest scam of all time!

    Not a news flash to the ET community, but would it not make sense to measure the economic activity in terms of the money supply. That way we don't confuse the money supply increase/decrease with the economic activity increase/decrease???
  2. i read an article that stated exactly what you just said above. the economy measured in u.s. dollars, japan is doing just great. everything in measurement must be done relatively.
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    That's a good thing, but was it a major publication?
  4. measured in adjusted dollars, the USA has been in a severe bear market since 2000

    greenspan inflated house values so people could cash out and spend to give American cashiers jobs selling chinese stuff

    not a real sustainable economy
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    huh, so a recession for us would be a step up

  6. eagle


    Thank you very much for letting us know that a recession is defined by currency value. :D
  7. bellman


    Your welcome, Captain Smartass! :)

    Actually it's measured by inflation adjusted currency.

    The reason for the title of this thread is because I reckon if you picked 100 articles at random about the Japanese recession only 1 or 2 of them would mention the fact that the Yen has out performed the US dollar by roughly 20% since Aug 2007.

    I'm frustrated that the media can't connect the dots.

  8. The media represents the bias of those who own it. Why would anyone consider media to be a source of objectivity? Even when sources dump stories in their laps, they refuse to cover the story, because it does not serve the interests of the newsmakers. And I am not talking about anchors, here...
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    It was not the JPY had been strong, but I guess it was because the USD was weakening against many currencies including the CAD. But now it seems the USD is bouncing back against many currencies.

  10. zdreg


    a nice but not great retracement ina bear market of the $US and the americans get all excited.
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