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  1. I know, to most it sounds crazy to even consider that Bush was duplicitous in the Twin Tower attacks. That thought never crossed my mind until the HEINOUS Patriot Act was passed so soon thereafter.

    Obviously, the bill had been drawn up in advance and was just "waiting for the right moment" to be sprung on the American people.

    Would some power hungry person or group go to such an extent in order to gain even more control over a country and its people? Would "a few thousand lives and a few $Billion" be worth it?

    I'm not convinced of this.. not "pounding the table"... but it's within reason, considering.

    Greater atrocities have been committed in the history of mankind, you know.
  2. Bush just like obama is just another "selected" minion fall guy controlled by "handlers" for their term in office. I will say though, cheney did a superb job keeping little bush in alignment with "the plan" for 8 years.

    BTW, there were 3 separate Patriot Act bills formed by think tank groups written and ready to go BEFORE 9/11. Plans to create the TSA agency were already designed BEFORE 9/11 and DHS was already conceived as far back as clinton was finally the year before 9/11 when full DHS "specs" were finalized.

    Also to note, go research ALL the executive orders put in place since; bush...clinton...clinton...bush...bush...soetoro

    You should read some of those executive orders.....SHOCKING! I would love to see what is an all the recent EO's that we are not even allowed to have access to.......^%$$^&# :mad:
  3. 1,000,000 DEAD human beings in Iraq since the us gulf war II kicked off.

    Oh yes, what a wondrous SHOCK & AWE SHOW that was......and all on TV second by second, so you could CHEER for the HOME KILLING TEAM smart bomb video by smart bomb video!!!

    WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! :eek:

    Yes indeed......GREAT ATROCITIES were COMMITTED! :eek:

    So go out today and stock up on POPCORN!!! I am very sure THEY will have another very good ATROCITIES show for you all soon (Persian excursion games next.....hmmmm???)!!! BTW, make sure you rush out to get your new 50" HDTV 1080P LCD from Costco so you can see all the fun!!! :eek:
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    Truthers are seriously the dumbest folks I have ever encountered.

    I just don't know how you get through life with that kind of deficient processor. It is difficult to imagine the kind of twisted psyche it takes to conceive this garbage.

    Bad guys from other countries flew commerical airliners into buildings. Something in that fact is undigestible for you guys. Your stupidity breaks down into two kernels:

    1) You don't believe Islamic Terrorists would attack us. Dumb
    2) You believe the government would slaughter civilians. Crazy

    I suppose you are both Ron Paul fans too. Which leads to why I always say that Ron Paul is a nut. He seems to attract all the nuts in the country like the Pied Piper.

    You both need to get out more.
  5. ACTUALLY......I am 14 years U.S. Army both Ranger and AH-1S "Cobra" driver with MANY real world reality check experiences IN THE FIELD. So it is my DIRECT in the field real life experiences as to how I have seen the REALITY. I don't get my REALITY from Faux News or some liberal newspaper......HELL NO!

    BTW, almost EVERY soldier I know from all my contacts in the military feel 9/11 was an inside job.......hands down STONE COLD LOCK! :cool: Also, in all my years and contacts in the Airline Industry, after serving our countries military.....same resounding opinions....INSIDE JOB!!! :cool:

    BTW......WE were the ones who DID GET OUT MUCH........and WE saw the REALITY first hand! :cool:
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    I respect and appreciate your service. Profoundly.

    I am a veteran and pilot as well. You can't really believe the US government did that can you? You sincerely believe that?

    May I inquire as to your political affiliation? Dem? Repub?
  7. 60-80 million people die randomly every year or about 200k per day. 1 million dead in 8 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things, although I believe your number is off as I dont think 1 million have died in iraq
  8. I am a Constitutionalist......period! Whoever best supports the original intent of a smaller limited federal goverment with states and their institutions are left free to perform their separate functions in their separate ways (I think that was how Hugo Black described it best).

    The last Republican I voted for was Reagan in the 80's (never voted for a democrat.......ever). Last election I voted for Ron Paul (write in). I am not a participant in the false left/right two party paradigm for national politics (minion "selected" canidates developed from the system Globalist entities want in power).

    BTW, do you know what was in building 7 (what was VERY significant about the special REINFORCED WTC 7)......?
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