Shocking insider trading scandal today

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  1. Im shocked


    Never imagined

    Now they have to catch the other 3000 doing it.
  2. blast19


    At least post a link or some semblance of reality. idiot.
  3. lol, another satisfied customer.

    learn how to use a search engine genius
  4. One of the guys was a MS compliance officer. How funny is that?

    For any of you young guys out there, go to the DOJ pages and look at the ages of these morons. The oldest is like 35, and they are fucked, forever. They will be convicted felons. First of all, they are Class A shitheads, because they don't have any talent; they are thieves, plain and simple. Second, they are telling you by being brazen they never thought they'd get caught, or at the most, the punishment was going to be nil.

    That is changing as we speak. Walk theline. Have some respect for yourself and what you do. These punks have a dinner date with a big hairy guy named Maurice.
  5. AK100


    Mugs. Should have moved to London and done it in the UK market.

    Everyone knows that virtually NOBODY gets caught in London.
  6. We need to update the famous "Only 5% of all people trading make enough to make it worthwhile..."

    To "5% make it but 3% of those are inside info Cramer-like scumbags, not real traders..."
  7. l4t13


    Wow...not surprising, I'm sure everyone in NYC at those places are doing it.

    How can we expect everyone with that power to be honest with so much money at stake?
  8. everybody knows the real money is in white collar crime.
  9. Hedge World is reporting Tuesday was the worst day for HF 's in four years.

    Too bad, nobody tipped them off, so they had to play like everybody else.

    Trust me, the excrement is screaming toward the wind oscillator. Too late for many people, though.
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