shocking IB Wire incident

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  1. Hello IB basher scum.

    This is for you.

    I recently initiated at wire out at IB, for a significant sum.

    The complete procedure was completed in less than 10 minutes between my instructions and the SENT status.

    So much for the false reports.

    Now crawl back under your rocks.
  2. I have an account with IB and I've never had even one issue with them. Even their customer service was alright but I am aware of how poor it is. As a side note, I don't know why anyone would want to trade futures with them. Their intra-day margin requirements are ridiculous.
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    I think you're statement should read:

    "As a side note, I don't know why anyone<b>,who is under capitalized,</b> would want to trade futures with them. "

    "Their intra-day margin requirements are ridiculous."


    That's exactly why I do trade futures with them.
  4. IB works fine for conservative futures traders. There are futures traders that don't require maximum intraday leverage and others that hold futures overnight.

    IB's main problem with futures is that their commissions are too high compared with other futures brokers.
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    they are on par for the less than 300 contracts a month crowd... who is cheaper with free platform and data?
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    I'm short a 10 lot from the break of today's PP, with my stop to lock-in 20 handles. I don't care whether I pay $50.00 total or $40.00 total, I've locked up $10,000. The difference on a 10 lot is maybe a tick.
  7. commisions always matter
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    IB has no problems with futures. it is traders who are 1 trade away from being blown up who have the problem.
    they don't have blow me off the map traders. consider the loss(?) in revenue and no arguments/lawsuits with these kind of traders a cheap insurance policy to avoid blowing up.
  9. IB rocks!

    Never listen to the charlatans that trash talk IB here.

    Most of them either work for these mom-and-pop trading bucket shops and want to spread bad publicity for IB or they are people that blew their accounts and want to get back at someone.
  10. IB has okay commissions for the low volume trader, but gets less competitive as volume goes up. Volume traders usually have to negotiate a best commission rate at most futures brokers. starts at $1.75 flat per side for ES and NQ.

    For 274 or more RT a month Transact Futures starts at $1.88 a side.
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