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    “I Was Adam Lanza,” is written by a young person (according to Frum’s tweets, a young man) who claims to have suffered the same urges as the child depicted in “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother” during his teenage years, despite now being a gainfully employed college graduate.

    The series is framed in three parts. Part I deals with the author’s apparent interactions with his mother, part II with his own self-diagnosis, and part III with the media and society’s overall reaction to these events. Highlights from the three parts follow:

    Like the author of that piece, Liza Long, my mother had no idea what to do about my sudden transformation (in my case, around 16) into a borderline homicidal maniac. Like her son, I used knives to try and make my threats of violence seem more real. Like her son, I would leap out of our car in the middle of the road just to get away from my mother, over the most trivial of offenses. Like her son, I screamed obscenities at my mother shortly after moments of relative peace. And worse than this poor woman’s son, whose mindset toward his peers we can only guess, I will admit that I fantasized multiple times about taking ordnance to my classmates.[...]

    Parents, I cannot stress this enough: the healing process starts with you. Not the mental health community. Not the police. Not the government. Not the school. You.[...]

    I didn’t act the way I did because I was a sociopath. Yes, I have more difficulty feeling empathy than other people. But I can feel anxiety – acutely – and sociopaths can’t, because their amygdalae don’t function. Moreover, for me, a mass shooting followed by suicide would have been an act of despair, which is something else sociopaths would be unlikely to feel, given that they emotionlessly focus on self-interest.[...]

    What was wrong with me, then? If I had a mental illness, it does not have a time. But the results can be described in very simple English: I was socially isolated, and I was smart.[...]

    When I was pondering shooting up my school, I rarely thought of doing it out of malice against the other students. The revenge factor would have been an added bonus, but really, what I wanted was for people to agonize over why I’d done it. Then, maybe, they’d see how badly they’d treated me. I’d be a monster, yes, but a monster with a message.[...]

    Someone needs to call out the hypocrisy of a media that performs public autopsies on shooters’ psyches for the sake of hand wringing, and yet still covers these kinds of people like they’re dangerous animals instead of deeply damaged human beings. Everyone always wonders what the shooters were thinking before they pulled the trigger.
  2. If liberals cared more about children than their pointy headed agenda, they'd address the real issue instead of shamelessly exploiting the CT murders as an opportunity before the childrens' bodies were even laid to rest.
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    They are so predictable. Instead of addressing an issue by dealing with the problem they try to find some way to turn it into an agenda issue.

    It's the same with Obama ignoring the spending and wanting to raise taxes. The problem isn't taxes - it's spending. Deal with the problem not the agenda.
  4. these kinds of people like they’re dangerous animals instead of deeply damaged human beings.


    Imo, this is a very important point.

    When the NRA said "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" that pissed me off. It was a very ignorant statement on his part.

    Even the best of parents with training, experience etc who has a mentally ill child can become overwhelmed and make a common mistake which results in an escalated situation resulting in violence which could have been avoided.
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    Maybe we need another government pamphlet to tell them what to do.