Shocking and brutal assault on Youth

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Well, at least the writer of this news report took meticulous care to abide by the journalistic standards of neutral and unbiased reporting. :D
  2. They are being taught democracy in action. Why do they resist the liberators?
  3. How dare the soldiers inflict a beating on rioters trying to KILL them with home-made hand grenades, as opposed to, oh, shooting them?

    Surely those youths were simply out for a laugh, nothing more.

    This is evidence that Blair is as bad as Bush. Heck, the PM probably watches the video every morning when he wakes up to start his day.

    FredBloggs will have the right thing to say about this. Rip tippy tip and all that rot, wot?
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    No good deed goes unpunished. They should have shot grenade throwing punks dead.
  5. Good thing they had all that training in ireland.
    Its amazing what people will do to get out of a bit of paperwork though.