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  1. SHLD has been consolodating for quite some time and I think it could have a possible upside breakout as it looks like shares are being accumulated here.
  2. or a downside breakout.
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    agreed... bought more today
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    Am also thinking it'll break...but see down as a larger possibility, visiting the 100 area.

    Interesting though, this is what makes a market...:D
  5. To each their own but I think the probability is a breakout to the upside--I'm looking at alot more than just the chart, and if it does breakout it could very well eventually make new high's.
  6. well you are going to have to make your case. tell us what you see. i see a chart headed down,lower highs, poor fundamentals(the last earnings report was poor). the only positive is that it is basing right now. i don't see any definitive chart direction at this time.
    i think the future stock price will depend on the next earnings report. wall street is waiting for eddie to show some ability to improve the situation.
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    If it breaks this consolidation area, looking at 80 then 60. 100 would be first bounce ( suckers rally ) area. Chart looks more bearish than bullish.
  8. Well it will be fun if it announce a 2:1 stock split
    i think it is consolidating right now hopefully to 100
  9. ok
  10. This means absolutely no disrespect to the posters in this thread--but there is nothing I love more than the vast majority of forums, chatrooms or any representation of the general public being on the other side of my opinion.

    I'd start accumulating around these levels--and averaging down until a close below 111.50 which would prove my trade to be the incorrect one.

    Best of luck to all
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