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  1. I don't understand... I though Wal-Mart and Target would have pushed SHLD into oblivion but it looks like I'm wrong. Is the retail market really that strong to support all these retailers?
  2. I know what you mean, Ive been asking myself the same questions. Although in the past week, everything and anything has been lifted higher, so I dont know what to read into the macro picture.
  3. the market is confused about shld right now. there is so much paper shuffling going on because of the merger that no one can figure out what they can earn. in a few months the market will expect some good earnings. that will tell the tale.
    as an observation both the sears and kmart stores in my town are still mostly empty.
  4. Ditto. But it would be a mistake to short IMHO due to that path of least resistance theorm.
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    Doesn't SHLD mostly just sell closed Sears and Kmart stores?

    Seems like they will eventually run out of good properties to sell, then they'll actually have to profit from their remaining stores?

    Yeah, not too many people in our Kmart or Sears stores. They're all over at Target, Sams, Super-Walmart and Costco.
  6. Exactly. Which is why I'm confused. I believe in efficent markets -- or atleast that the market is smarter than me -- so why SHLD keeps trending upwards has me baffled. Glad I'm not the only one though.
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    it will go down eventually, but only the bravest of shorts will be in it.

    think tasr. its bullshit. its an old fashioned yard sale
  8. Forget Tasr... think TZOO.

  9. TZOO 1-year
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    Speaking of short sale homeruns, has anybody caught a complete run to zero?

    Didn't I read somewhere that if you were short and the stock went under, since you never had to buy it back, you never had to show a complete trade and mark the basis on your Sched D?

    Pure profit?

    This doesn't sound right. The tax man is always afta me lucky charms...
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