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  2. Many companies are like that. Check spwr, nwl,..
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    I remember back when this stock was being hyped for more of it's real estate position then the actual Sears stores......

    I'm surprised it actually stayed in business this long. ....wonder how many stores out there that have been around for decades will be next to go....
  4. I called it, bought ATM puts last week.
  5. They're still making ~3billion in revenue per year. That can be salvaged.
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    Sears Bid

    Sears chair and former CEO Eddie Lampert has, via his ESL Investments hedge fund, bid $4.6 billion to buy around 500 Sears and Kmart stores from the bankrupt operation. The bid is also for the Diehard battery brand and Kenmore appliance brand. ESL says it would save 50,000 jobs. CNN
  7. Thanks for the update. Someone explain how I can buy a company and get them to pay for it by taking on a loan? What am I missing?