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    A friend of a friend, who has been in retail his whole career, thinks Sears is in big trouble. I have no idea if he knows what he's talking about. The chart looks flat to me, I would have expected it to be in a down trend already IF this is true. But just in case thought I'd mention it.
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    This is nothing new, sears is in trouble, I have said this for the last few years, I am surprised its taking this long. SHLD stock is very overpriced, I wouldnt be surprised if it loses half of its value in the next 6-12 months!
  3. The impression I had about retailers such as Sears, is they made their money on the credit. The retail product was the vehicle to get the credit sale where the real money was made. Credit is in the dumpster.
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  5. This is the only tradeable SHLD debt (that I could find) on IB:

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    the bonds maturing in 2028 are yielding 13%.
  8. Here they are:

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    Stop bragging that you have a bloomberg :)
  10. You're not going to see much of a yield on the bonds due to the borrow on the short, but at least it's covered. YTM in the 13s and borrow in the 12s, annualized. It's hard to find a deal like this that is financed.

    I can get you the CUSIPs on any of these. The 13.9er is 812404AX9
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