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  1. Jesse Livermore warned us about guys like you. The guys who run around all emotional with strong opinions. Your attitude is the exact opposite attitude what a trader should have...
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    So you actually think sears is going to stand on its own and fight off stiff competition against walmart, please. I laugh at that, sears is headed down to nothing, might take 1, 2 or 3 years but it will disappear. Sears will be filing for chapter 11 sooner than you think.
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  3. Many of these companies I trade I have never heard of...never saw or met anyone who worked at these companies...never even saw them in the news or their products. In fact, the only way I know they exist is through yahoo finance.

    To me, they are just a bunch of stock symbols and for all I know they do not exist.

    Whether they exist or not...whether there is competition or not...I dont care. All I care about is where the price is going, how fast and when.

    Whatever Sears does or whoever they compete with does not matter in my universe. In my universe, price is what counts.

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  5. I never heard of them either, I checked it out on wiki (excerpt below) and you tube, ya got me why they would write about Sears.

    Currently, the Ethiopian Review is the largest and the most visited Ethiopian news web site with daily unique readership of 15,000 - 20,000. Before the Meles Zenawi dictatorial regime in Ethiopia banned the web site from being accessed in the country, it had over 40,000 daily unique visitors and over 10 million monthly hits.

    The Review's current publisher and editor, Elias Kifle, has been convicted of treason by the government in Ethiopia and faces life in prison. He is currently in the U.S. as a political refugee.

    The U.S. Department of State 2008 Human Rights Report states that Ethiopian Review is one of the critical web sites that are banned by the Ethiopian regime that is ruled by Tigrean People Liberation Front (TPLF), also known as Woyanne.

    Ethiopian Regime is long Sears:D :D :D
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    This trade is now green, but I was unhappy most of the time with it.

    In fact, I would expect the beta of SHLD to be higher than it is. Leaving it alone, but my entry point probably sucks.
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  9. I told you guys not to panic;)
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    Come on, boys, shorting SHLD is like shorting Mom and Apple Pie.

    Now you see, Mom's always right.

    And her apple pie ain't bad either.
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