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    BS, it takes one single juror to talk during diliberations and everyone has the story. Geez, you should watch perhaps LESS TV and read more cases. Happened a million times. If you honestly believe jurors will not know about Shkreli's glamorous past then you are totally naive.

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    Edit: deliberations not diliberation.

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    I think I will manage to survive if I am wrong, but thanks for worrying. Also, if he is able to wriggle himself out of the case that doesn't mean he isn't guilty. And you are betting on a mistrial, which is also not a not guilty verdict.

    By the way settling for 10% sure doesn't mean "no investors got hurt" as they claim.
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    ...and yet, here we are Shkreli on trial.... Tides in, tides out, you can't explain that. That was investors privately suing the company and Shkreli, not the DA's criminal investigation.
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    "And upon seeing a share transfer contract falsely backdated with "clearly visible redacting tape," one accountant responded simply in an email: "WT....F."

    "Out of money, Shkreli's hedge fund stopped trading the same month of the failed Orexigen bet, the charges state. But almost a year later, in 2012, Shkreli was still telling his investors that they'd "doubled their money," when in reality they'd lost everything. Around the same time, Shkreli founded Retrophin, and according to the indictment, he immediately began siphoning that company’s assets, diverting $11 million in cash and stock to himself and his hedge fund shareholders."
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    I am surprised this thread made 6 pages. This case is so crystal clear I am surprised this needs to even be discussed. I am actually more shocked there are individuals on this site who are willing to overlook or entirely look away about any wrongdoing as long as such wrong doing is committed by anyone with money. Those are the exact same individuals who forgave any of Trump's wrong doing in business as well as the many transgressions of wealthy investors/CEOs/other rich. What makes a crime worthwhile pursuing and punishing for some but not for others who are wealthy. It is mind boggling how this mentality and mindset primarily seems to prevail among some in the United States. I have not witnessed nor come across people who want to hold average Joes on the street accountable for wrong doing but not the wealthy. Must be related to the "American dream" concept...
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    This case is more interesting than it looks. Its a criminal case so it needs to have criminal intent and the jury needs to be unanimous . Yet Skreli did all those things after consulting with a lawyer, who consults with a lawyer if they intend to break the law? That's when the prosecutors felt the need to bring charges against the laywer as well, to claim he was a co-conspirator. I believe there is also some attorney client privilege issues with regards to certain communications that they had. Its more complex than it looks. If I had to guess I would bet he will be found not guilty
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    Well he is clearly guilty, whether criminally or not. He stole money from a company and diverted the money. For that alone most accused go to prison for years. If it can be proven a single dollar landed in his own pockets from the company he stole money from then its singsing time for him, criminal case or not.

    But hey, it's the American jury system (cough cough), really anything can happen when you lock a bunch of idiots into a room, idiots who most likely never studied the law nor even made a black or white decision in their entire life. It's a horrible way to come to a life altering decision for the accused and I am glad most other countries in the West do not follow this idiotic way at cheating Justicia.

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    He is clearly guilty of what exactly? Do you even know what this case is about? I think it's best if you move on from this thread, no point getting angry from fake news about a guy you don't even know.
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    I think I made clear what I think he is guilty of. Perhaps you read it again? But here again the quotes of the articles, cited in the first thread post that summarize the prosecution's charges:

    "Prosecutors have accused Shkreli of lying to investors in the hedge fund and siphoning millions of dollars in assets from biopharmaceutical company Retrophin Inc to repay them"


    "Federal prosecutors accuse Shkreli of using $11 million in stock from Retrophin Inc. to pay off investors who lost money in two of his funds. In announcing the case, Robert Capers, then the U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn, said Shkreli ran his companies “like a Ponzi scheme.”


    "Retrophin’s board had fired Shkreli in September 2014 after finding stock-related irregularities. These included the awarding of Retrophin shares without shareholder approval and his failure to disclose stock grants."


    "Ten months later, prosecutors charged him with looting Retrophin coffers to make up for losses in the two hedge funds, MSMB Capital and MSMB Healthcare, which operated out of the same Manhattan offices as Retrophin."

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