Shkreli at court

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    Please spare us with your greed at the expense of society justification argument. It won't work. Why do you think the US health care system is entirely bankrupt. Not because of Obamacare but because of unfettered and unregulated crony capitalism. Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare providers who can charge whatever fuxx they want and everyone else gets stiffed. If you can't see that then I can't help you.

    I am not angry at all at that Schmuck, I just hope he gets what he deserves. Jail time. Not for raising drug prices (for that he just gets the immorality award of his life time) but for his illegal dealings and money transfers between hedge fund and pharmaceutical companies.

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  2. So we impoverish/kill someone who needs a drug, whose cost has been long amortized, so a dickwad like Shrekeli can play money games.

    Check yourself out dude.
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  3. I finally hear some moron on CNBC bring up the REAL problem, out of control costs, fed by greed. We need to normalized what care costs at the doctor and hospital level , before we can afford to pay for it.

    This is 50 years of SCAM that needs to be unwound.

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    Mate, it's even hard to find an unbiased jury. People hate this guy and any jury will convict him in a heart beat. You will see.

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    Hey kids, you guys are boring. This thread is about the court case, not social justice. How do I know it? Because I started it and stated it in the first post. So how about an input on the trial and maybe a prediction of its outcome??? The betting parlour is wide open!
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    Why can’t you provide a source that shows people who have died because of price hikes from "Daraprim". I want to learn about the people who have been “killed" as you implied.

    Back on topic- How do you even know he's even guilty? Sounds like you would have been dismissed from Jury service. The jurors will end up being people like me...
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  7. the only thing that's obvious is your prejudice
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  8. drugs aren't an entitlement, liberal
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    neither is health insurance. But it should be mandatory. And I tell you why: The moment you give people a choice there will be enough cunts who choose not to be covered and the moment they get sick they look to socialize their loss/pain/need on society. Health insurance should not be a choice nor option because of the high number of idiots and gamblers around us and because their decisions DO impact everyone else around them.

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    I never claimed such, why then do I need to provide anything for your viewing entertainment?
    What I said was that exorbitantly expensively priced drugs kills people. And I meant that in the sense that people won't afford the cost of healthcare anymore that they generally need. And when you can't pay for the necessary treatment then some people will simply kick the can. It really is not complicated math here...

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