Shkreli at court

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  1. THat's the real Matt, the one he plays buff is all fake and airbrushed

    Looks a bit like Jack Hershey in real life
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  2. An educated Albanian is a dangerous one
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    Because it kills people in his specific position of power. Pretty simple no?

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    I'm betting Shkreli will walk free, less his legal fees and a slap on the wrist.

    Shkreli is like the Houdini of hedge funds.

    Has anyone done more than reading than a few mainstream media articles?
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    Like Mother Theresa...
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  6. Macca1


    Who did it kill? Please provide sources. Surely if people had died because they couldn't afford a drug as a result of price hikes by the most hated man in America, then the media would have been all over it like a dirty rag.
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    It kills people who cannot afford medication anymore that has been ramped up thousands of percent just for pure greed purposes. That's why there are generally regulators who should never allow such from happening. Eh, I mean in every other industrialized country than the United States. The US is more and more turning into a crazy night Bazar populated by Russian, Jewish/Israeli, Italian, and Eastern European thugs and outlaws who are happy to abuse every loophole there is, and if there are not then illegal conduct gets one to the goal as well. The main culprit: lack of sufficient regulations and one party wants even less. I predict that at some point middle class Americans will either stage a revolution or apply for asylum and immigration in Canada and Europe.

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  8. Macca1


    -Provide a source that shows people who have died as a result of price hikes from "Daraprim". Otherwise say no more.
    -Is it still greed if the majority of money made from price hikes is going straight back into R&D for new improved drugs? For example, Daraprim, only treats a small group of patients and is an old drug that has been around since the 50's . No Pharma company has bothered to improve it because there isn't enough $$ incentive to do so.
    - As you have pointed out, It's not illegal to increase the price of a drug. It's within the rules. So you should be angry at the regulators and the system, not the drug company's and definitely not Shkreli.
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  9. Someone could just as easily have gotten the rights to Daraprim and charged a lot less for it . His BS excuse that the money made would go to further research , only proves his obvious insanity.
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  10. Macca1


    Who cares what someone could have done.

    How do you know it's a BS excuse? Please also explain how profits going towards R&D to bring a new drug to market =obvious insanity?

    I hope you question your own sanity when he walks free .
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