Shkreli at court

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    This thread is for following his trial, starting today...

    Mind you, the trial is not about Daraprim's price gauging, but:

    "Prosecutors said Shkreli lied about MSMB’s finances to lure investors and concealed devastating trading losses from them. They said he paid the investors back with money stolen from Retrophin, which he founded in 2011."

    "At one point, Shkreli said he gave shares to an employee who then “stole millions” from him and “stopped showing up.” He told the agents he sued and “threatened” the man on the telephone, while saying he “never crossed the line.” (Prosecutors now accuse Shkreli of transferring the shares to the man and others at Retrophin while still secretly controlling them. The employee he threatened is now on the government’s witness list.)"
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    The Twitter feed is pretty funny:^google|twcamp^news|twgr^search

    "Nick Jack Pappas‏Verified account@Pappiness 4h4 hours ago
    Martin Shkreli's fraud trial starts today. The jury has been instructed not to look at his face, since they'd automatically find him guilty."

    "Megan Amram‏@meganamram Jun 23
    martin shkreli has the only copy of trump's comey tape and he's keeping it for himself"

    "Shkreli's lawyer Ben Brafman told CNNMoney in an email on Friday that Shkreli "is really a special kid who could cure cancer if left alone."
  3. He's 'special' all right. But not in a good way.

    Anyone who saw his act from day 1 and didn't know he was a psychopath , is also suspect.
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    If true, Shkreli would be the first person in known history to pull off a successful Ponzi scheme that actually worked out for everyone involved. MSMB was made whole so they're happy and Retrophin made so much money that it doesn't seem the shareholders miss any of those siphoned off funds.
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    1. It is not a successful Ponzi if you have to bring in large amount of money from your other adventures to save face/prisontime. By the way a successful Ponzi is where the Ponzi runner ends up in Malaysia with the millions and dies a few decades later...

    2. His defense seems to be: "hey, nobody lost money, so where is the crime?" Itself a pretty childish argument, you don't always need victims for a crime to be committed. Actually, the FBI argues that the investors should have lost money, if not the emergency money injection....
  6. You're referring to his sudden price increase of a popular drug and subsequent eye-rolling testimony before Congress?
    Why can't he do what he wants with what's his?
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    I am opening up the betting lines on the verdict. I say he gets 3-5 years... Looks like money is getting tight, you can't fool your lawyers and they are not happy about the Etrade account's balance....
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    Off topic... but that reminded me of this flick I just watched.
    Matthew McConaughey is fat and bald lol.
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    Good movie ! McConaughey is great, yet again, no matter his look.

  10. Not what I'm referring to at all. Apparently you're one of the folks that can't tell a lunatic from a sane person.
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