shitty day today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by killthesunshine, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. agreed?
  2. trendless day today
  3. Oil is moving, esp since it's inventory day. Great market to be trading.
  4. No use, everyone on ET is a millionaire and making tons of moolah every SINGLE day without fail
  5. i know but not me. every day is work for me. i'm not saying i don't love it :) yesterday was great, today is shitty
  6. dont know who is in charge but today is an outlier..let it go. today is shot.

    tomorrow will be a better day imo

    ps for the record i ended green
  7. let it go dont chase

    always another "game", tomorrow
  8. see you tomorrow 8 o'clock be sharp , we move "off the line' :cool:
  9. Gcapman


    The market rallied hard 2 days before Bernanke's testimony thinking that he would give the usual bullish/not so bearish testimony and totally threw a monkey wrench into the bullish camp

    We should see a significant decline going forward for the rest of this week
  10. another directionless shitty day :mad:
    #10     Jul 23, 2010