Shitty cities

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    Detroit's new magic number may be 500,000.

    Democratic state Reps. Harvey Santana and David Nathan, who both represent portions of the city, on Tuesday introduced separate amendments that would extend Detroit's special allowance for income and utility taxes in the wake of its dramatic population loss.

    The state has dozens of laws on the books written to benefit Detroit by allowing specific actions for cities with 750,000 residents or more. But U.S. Census figures released earlier this year pegged Detroit's population at only 713,777, down roughly 25 percent from a decade earlier.

    Detroit Mayor Dave Bing traveled to Lansing last month and urged lawmakers to modify the laws in order to help the cash-strapped city balance its budget and avoid a state takeover.

    The two bills introduced Tuesday would allow Detroit to maintains its 2.5 percent personal income tax and its five percent tax on phone, electric and gas bills so long as it maintains a population of at least 500,000. State law prohibits smaller cities from taxing income or utilities above 2 percent.


    The sooner people leave that shitty city the better. Detroit's magic number is "0" the better. The biggest sin the U.S. Government ever committed was bailing out the auto industry. GM should have been liquidated eith successful companies picking up the asset. Some evil stipulation in the bailout must require New Gm's headquarters to be in Detroit because why else would any self-respecting company locate it that city.
  2. why else would any self-respecting company locate it that city.

    ummmnnn., they needed the write off.

    umnnnnnn, the poor location closely resembled their auto quality.

    umnnnnnn, ..... where else would you locate a pension and health care benefit company.