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  1. I didn't realize how active and deceptive the shills against ib actually are. Man, they are good, even fooled me.

    I have been an ib customer for years, and I have no qualms about getting pissed at them and making it public.

    but these shills are slimy little creatures and quite creative.

    apparently, their firms have nothing better to offer, so they try to attack a successful firm which many are satisfied with

    If you want to say something bad about ib go ahead and say it, they need to hear it

    but don't pull this slimy shill crap on me
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    Do you have any proof to offer about your perception of the "shills" on ET?
  3. no, everything I know about anything is either entirely anecdotal (especially the part about how the markets and trading works) or I have leaned it from TV.

    I only post this because even I was taken.

    I didn't realize how prevelent shilling (not for but against) was on the internet.

    If you start looking for it you will find it.

    It's a heck of a lot easier than it was looking for communists.
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  5. Humans are very good at picking up patterns where none exist.
  6. they are also very good at ignoring patterns when they are all around you.