Shifting Bubbles: What Will The Next Bubble Be?

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  1. 8 years ago, tech stocks, and the stock market in general, were frenzied bubbles.


    About 6 years ago, residential and other forms of real estate received massive investment.

    Residential has popped, and commercial/office is at a lofty level.

    Emerging markets caught fire in the last couple of years, and there are signs of stress in certain of those crazed markets (China has been going 'pop' on a regular basis - India got smashed - Thailand was cut down to size).

    What will be the next bubble that develops?
  2. Nano stocks
  3. fusionz


    well making money with websites have gotten very big again, hence I hear web 2.0 bubble. This hasn't been reflected in stocks that much other than google, but if the stock market continues to do well, I won't be surprised if internet stocks start ramping up.
  4. As in old net stocks (eBay, Amazon, search)?
  5. Biotech?
  6. the next bubble will be in cash.
  7. You haven't heard of NanoTechnology?
  8. That's interesting. The last bubble in cash, if I'm right, was in 1978-1980, when CDs yielded 18%.

    I think if we have a bubble in cash positions, we'd have to have severe stagflation.

    But who knows...
  9. Of course. Yes.

    I mean, in general, or specific applications?

    I know of nano applications in chemicals, robotics, biotech, materials...
  10. There is going to be BOOM in all of them. A little bit more boom in robotics than probably chemicals and biotech.
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