Shhh...What Is That Sound?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BSAM, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. BSAM


    Oh...I know what that is.

    That's the sound of trading in those unnecessary weapons for gift cards in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday.


    I invite all my friends here on ET to participate when the buyback program reaches your city.
    Just keep a couple for your home protection and get rid of all those others that aren't needed.

    Thanks in advance for your participation in bringing some sanity back to the USA.
  2. As a gun owner I cant share in your joy Brother BSAM
  3. I can see the bloods, crips and MS-13 lining up now to turn in their weapons now for their Sears gift cards.

    People from California are retarded.

  4. What california doesn't know: They are a joke to at least 1/2 the nation.
  5. The funny thing is......none of the recent mass murderers were members of those gangs.
  6. So is the idea to prevent mass shootings or to prevent murder in general committed by guns?

    I stupidly thought it was to prevent murder in general not just mass shootings, which probably account for <1% of murders in total.

    I repeat, people in california are idiots.

  7. Who's paying for it?

    I saw a picture the other day in the newspaper about a local gun buy program. Biggest collection of probably nonfiring junk and relics I have ever seen.

    The only real benefit i can see is if someone has found or inherited some piece of junk and doesn't want it around the house.
  8. It's in California so they will just raise taxes to pay for it or write IOU's.


  9. If it was mandatory, I'd agree that this would be considered gun control.

    Since it is voluntary, it is really no different than when an organization offers you cash for your old cell phones- or, Would this be considered cell phone control?
  10. Do the california liberals plan on putting ankle bracelets and the guns under house arrest to ensure they are for home protection only?

    How do you plan on ensuring that no guns are able to leave the home?

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