She's only Human ya big meanies!!!!

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    Clinton told reporters in Pennsylvania on Tuesday: "So I made a mistake. That happens. It shows I'm human, which for some people is a revelation."

    Now, I dont know about ya'll, but I've never been fired on by anything but my brother with his BB gun after my cousin and I sunk him with our BB guns in his blow up dingy where he was hanging out with his girlfriend in the shit slew. I was scared for my life, not just the gun...I was also afraid me might tear me apart limb by limb. He knew my only hope was either my mom or my gramma, so he kept the paths to them pretty well covered in his field of fire.

    In any case, you can damn well bet if I'd ever in my life had to be ducking sniper fire and run my ass to the armoured car Id remember the time and fucking place. I guess I just dont lead an interesting enough life!!!!
  2. Cracked me up!!!!
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    Clinton told reporters in Pennsylvania on Tuesday: "So I made a mistake. That happens. It shows I'm human, which for some people is a revelation."

    For the record, it just shows that she's a liar willing to do and say anything for power, which is not a revelation to anyone.
  4. True.

    The comparison of hillary not remembering and your bb gun episode is what cracked me up.
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    He was always a good shot too, so it was really a hopeless situation for us. Curt went on into the Army right after he graduated HS and served with the 75th Ranger Rgt, 172nd Infantry Brigage and a Task Force in Afghanistan. He wanted to do 20 + years but was injured in Afghanistan and that was not possible for him to do unless he wanted to take a desk job, and unlike me who loves a desk job, I think Curt would rather die than have a desk job. So, he got out and Ive taught him to trade and he's doing pretty well with his new desk job. LOL
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    I saw Hillary today on TV, it was on in the restaurant. I had forgotten what those idiots believe in, she was castrating privatization of social security and feeding the crowd's hate Bush syndrome ... somebody tell these idiots 1) socialism doesn't work 2) we have the internet, we can call bullshit on anything at any time......

    What is kind of funny is that her opponent's preacher is nuts, but he is also mainstream Democrat.... and she feeds his addled brains with "get whitey and his money" any chance she gets and who does it come back on?? Her opponent, go figure, she gets off scott free on that one....
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    Obama is going to win, and its going to be a disaster on one hand and the best thing to have ever happened to America on the other. Just my half a cent on the issue.
  8. Sometimes I think that anyone can graduate from Harvard or Yale.
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    Little known fact, just about anyone can get into an Ivy or equal school if you have the money and or contacts to do it. My business partner Anthony came to the US as a small child with his parents from Tawain. His father built some software business up that he later sold to Tompson (the data people) for about $50million. His dad donated $10million to Columbia Unv. When it was time for Anthony to go to college he had great test scores ( I think he had a 33 on his ACT) but his grades where miserable and he was in the bottom half of his class. However, because his father had been a very generous Columbia donor and promised that he could be even more generous Anthony was accepted on the condition that it would be for only 2 semesters and if he did not have at least a 3.5gpa at the end of that time they would throw him out. His dad mad him live at home during that time and routinely threatend his life if he caught him doing anything other than studying.

    On the other hand, my best friend from HS, Josh applied to three Ivy League Schools and was waitlisted at two and accepted at Cornell. He got in purely on merit and got through. Another friend from HS, who is the smartest person I know, got regected by most of the Ivy's and Stanford. He ended up going to Pamona for one year, then dropped out and started his own company and is doing very well. His parents where very upper middle class so financing was not a problem for him.

    Me on the other hand...well not so much. I was in the bottom 1/4 of my class but had the second highest SAT and ACT score of anyone in my entire class. Had to retake the ACT to prove it was legit and I did even better the second time. UI let me in on academic probation but I eventually spit in their faces and dropped out, a choice I regret.
  10. Gee, I wonder if the old bags memory on those commodity trades needs refreshing too.

    Two losers from the Dems.

    A closet racist and a congenital liar.

    Thats the Ticket!!!!

    I say:

    run the ashes of Reagan and Nixon, and they win in a freaking landslide.

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