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  1. anyone have any info on this company? i remember them from over a year ago and they still have no website, but they're hiring people with base salary of 40k.

    has anyone gone through the interview process? would like to get any feedback/info anyone might have. thanks.
  2. Weren't they in the Los Angeles suburbs? aka Valley?
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    I only know that they trade oprions and they are a FCM.
  4. Hello Folks:
    Some time ago, I responded to an advertisement Sherwood Futures placed in a local paper. Wrote them a very good letter indicating my interest. Enclosed a resume. Never got the courtesy of a reply. Figured they might have misplaced my letter of interest and phoned to follow-up. Once again no reply. I crossed them off my list. In my view a prospective employer should understand that the interview process is a two way street. They came off as discourteous and unprofessional. In the meantime I learned to have a winning game trading the Emini. At this point, I would not be interested in any business relationship with them. Just one man's opinion. Good luck. Steve46
  5. I had the same experience. My impression was that they were some kind of boiler room operation.

    Michael B.
  6. for all of your replies. i see some successful traders not getting replies from the company and makes me wonder why they would not interview you all. maybe overqualified and they're wanting some newbie so that they can train?

    who knows...

    thanks again for the info. good trading.
  7. Hello Honeybear:
    They may indeed want to train an inexperienced person. The question of why they were unable to offer common courtesy to applicants would trouble me however. I have seen this before. It is possible that it would manifest later with your "employer" telling you to pack your things and get out with little or no "notice". If you are interested in Sherwood, you may want to contact the local Chamber of Commerce, NFA and SEC to make sure they have a clean record before you get in over your head. As I mentioned before, if my experience reflects the corporate culture at Sherwood, I can't think of any circumstance which would permit me to work for them. Good luck in your search, Steve46.
  8. I worked for sherwood recently. The $40,000 base only applies to people that can show prrof that they generated over 60k in commissions int he last 2 months. Its beautiful new office they have in West La. Corner of Sepulveda and Santa Monica. Everything is state of theart and very very comfortable. Basically they are highering sales people boiler room type of stuuf. Nothing illegal but very high pressured cold calling. Thousand Oaks is their main office. PM me if you need details.