Sherrod say's NO

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  1. Now she can cash in on the kind of jackpot justice which has made this country great. Why work at some stupid job when you can make millions being a victim? The choice was, "obvious".

    By MARY CLARE JALONICK, Associated Press Writer Mary Clare Jalonick, Associated Press Writer – 5 mins ago
    WASHINGTON – Shirley Sherrod, the Agriculture Department official ousted during a racial firestorm last month, declined Tuesday to return to the agency, though she said it was tempting.

    Sherrod and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said that she may work with the agency in a consulting capacity in the future to help it improve its outreach to minorities. She told reporters she did not think she could say yes to a job "at this point, with all that has happened."
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    I'm so fed up with the race issues in the US.. in California I lived in an area that got a zillion Mexicans and then a zillion Blacks from LA that were forced out by the Mexicans probably... so eventually I would just get out of my car to gas up or walk into a Mexican restaurant and say "quit giving me that dirty look!!" to all of them.. and navigating the WalMart parking lot with Nigs driving around threatening people, wow, I was rarely in a mood to take that shit.. they are all just Democrats: ruthless in the acquisition of power and weak-kneed in the face of evil, no wonder they live at the poverty level forever... Prosperity for Whites is all I want, the rest can go starve themselves to death on welfare for all I care...