Shell signs $200m Libya deal

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Mar 25, 2004.

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  2. shell is dutch/british, we (dutchmen) sent maybe 1000 soldiers to sweep the barracks hahaha, we all know the force the brits sent in...

  3. I actually have never driven more than 5k per year, including road trips, except one year that I took off after school and drove around out west with the ladyfriend. The two of us did about 25k miles that year, but alot of it was remote camping from the car where you had to drive like 10 miles on dirt roads just to get where your tent was from the highway. (And for all you **SUV-fags out there who only drive on pavement with them, we off-roaded for a year in a 2WD honda accord, sagging to the ground from 2 adults, 2 bikes, a roof box, and ~500lbs of gear. We did not get stuck once. Probably about 5,000 miles of that 25k was off-road, no kidding.).

    I try to take public trans whenever I can, because I hate other drivers, and because when I go out, it is often to go to the bars or some other event with booze. My car gets 36mpg on the highway, which is typically what I drive on. 32 in town. Mind you, I don't live in a city, either.

    the point of my initial post was that whenever another country rolls over, the next thing you hear is that an oil company moves in. that just doesn't sit right with me, fella.

    except for haiti. no oil in haiti.


    **SUV-fags are people who own the largest SUVs, such as humvees, and hardly ever leave the pavement.