Shelia Bair Opinion in November Fortune mag

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  1. I'd be interested to read opinions. To me at first review it seems pretty reasonable, but would like to read those that think it is a bad idea, and why.
    Hopefully the link comes through.
    I maybe an idiot, but not a complete idiot, and get the odds of this happening are at a minimum, but if more people pushed it, and spent time participating in our government maybe it could happen.
  2. Bob111


    retarded..bonds go up,when economy is in a s**
    tell her that even 8 grade school dropout from russia knows that..

    your DC bunch will do just fine on such terms. cause that what the only thing they are good at-f** things up
  3. I'm out of my league here but I suppose Congressional policies could be implemented to specifically benefit only the compainies in the Dow, creating an increase in the gdp and mission accomplished regarding the economy. This would achieve the goal but could wreck havoc .
  4. The play for pay is ass backwards in gov't.

    The bigger you grow your budget the more funds you get the more power.
  5. Good points! I would say bonds lose value at some point when the country is artificially inflating them, but again there is a short to medium term effect that could benefit these turds, so point taken. Again the short term could benefit larger term companies, at the expense of smaller companies, but that effect would fall flat in the medium to long term. At the same time we are back to short term solutions that is no better than current crap from our government.
    Give me, or better yet the knucleheads we elect, an idea to force them to worry about the country instead of their own relection. I'm open to opinions on how to improve and get us back to a leading country. I don't want to make claims of how superior we are, but because I think we have a lot to offer in terms of wealth, and ideas when we are on our game, instead of a political game. The political game is a detriment to our country and society in general, which is why Socialsim, communism, dictatroships fail everytime. Serving the governement is where we are going, instead of serving the people. The people are the ones who have new ideas and inventions. Governement can help, but fail everytime they become part of that solution.
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    IMO-US did past the point of no return(specially after reelection of obama)
    it is pointless now to talk about "change". or how to. i pointed out on this one long time ago(see my posts 5-7 years ago,where i was saying that congress is looks exactly like poliburo or USSR). we are separated. politicians are all for themselves,not to serve YOU or "the people" of their country. they are out here to serve themselves and will protect that power until lthe very end-like revolution or something. or military taking over DC.
    they are aware of that and that's exactly why you see no end of gvt expansion at our(small business, working for private company class) expense..they want employ more,so that those gvt workers would vote for them and do what they say..
    there is no more "hope" in least-i didn't see it..
    on bright side-this s**t is everywhere. same story in every country.
    but worry about it? the end of the world is only 1 month away :)