Sheldon Natenberg

Discussion in 'Options' started by economicZero, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Assuming I memorized the entire book and basically studied the shit out of it... how would you rate my knowledge of options?
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    Options, 7/10. Trading, 3/10.
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    You're a rock star who'll be the center of attention at the Sheldon Natenberg concert :)
  4. i'm just wondering how much more value there is in reading advanced books.

    can anyone recommend a good "advanced" book?

    If i walked onto the floor of the CBOE and wanted to pretend like i know whats going on.. what else is there to know?
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    Where the coffee and doughnuts are?
  6. Great Book, But memorized? Do you comprehend the material?

    You need to put it in practice, and it takes a couple of years of practical experience before you get a good handle on things.