Shelby Says Geithner May Not ‘Last Long’ at Treasury

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Banjo, Mar 22, 2009.

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  2. Besides being an immature serial tax scofflaw, Geithner does not have the administrative skills or experience to administer the everyday and routine operations of a federal bureaucracy as large as Treasury.

    Someone needs to get inside the make-up room before all these television appearances that Barry is making, and indicate to him, that being a TV celebrity comes second to being President, and his re-election may depend on the competence of his cabinet appointees and their ability to engender confidence not only from both sides of the Congressional aisle but by the American people as well.

    Lawrence Summers needs to replace this boy whose eyes are caught in the headlights. Summers should be up to speed on the problems and he certainly has the administrative skills the Timmy is so sorely lacking.
  3. He can't even handle Turbo Tax (g)
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    My instincts tell me that if Shelby wants him gone it has a lot more to do with him not playing ball with certain Wall Street interests than it does the media-hyped AIG bonuses.
  5. After Paulson, we need someone like Geithner. We had a stuttering, lying, crook there. We need someone now who can take the heat and be the dog everyone wails on. He's a wee little man, and is used to being walked all over. He's also a nice guy, who's basically a cleric that does the bidding of the higher ups. He will stay. He will just be the punching bag for his term.
  6. Something more tangible than your instincts like his voting record will tell you that he did not vote for no Gubmint bailouts, whether it be bankers or automakers.

    If you can be playing on their team while you voted again 'em, seems hard to explain.
  7. Treasury Secretaries do not have many higher ups, by higher ups you can only mean Barry and Rahm.
  8. Umm, I would trust Jim Rodgers over Geithner any day of the year. "Geithner has been bombing for 15 years. Geithner CAUSED this crisis."
  9. HAHah :)
  10. Shelby will never get the Medal of Freedom. He switched parties too many times.
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