She turned $180 into $7 million!

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  1. truely american propaganda.

    more money = more happiness. more, more more! :p
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    that is a good point. If she didn't know....that's kind of a sad story
  3. 1) Did she reinvest the dividends?
    2) Did she sell any shares while she held them?
    3) It's a good thing she bought ABT instead of GM.
    4) She may have been "emotionally poisoned" by her childhood and never really enjoyed the fruit of that trade. :(
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    I wonder how she received the dividends, mail?
  5. And the college gets 7 million and yet they still charge an arm and a leg for our young generation to study.

    Where does all this money really go when it goes into the blackhole of college funding?

    Colleges/University get billions a year in donation yet people have to borrow up to the hit to get a degree.

    I would have given the 7 million instead for something else, not handing it over to the college industry so it could get squandered with no positive net effect for the students.

    And more proof why equities are better than holding dollars or gold.

    How much would the 180 buy today if she put it under the mattress or if she bought the equivalent in gold.
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    Roughly 15% per year.
  7. Board of Directors and the top execs, like the top heads of the department, school dean, etc.

    There is a "special" payroll at all schools. So even if the school is struggling financially on the surface, don't worry, they are getting theirs and then some.
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    I agree, for kids who didn't bust it out in high school. But, if you're an excellent student there's plenty of money out there, especially if you're able to get into an Ivy or NESCAC school.

    50% of all Harvard undergrads get at least some financial assistance from the school's endowment. If their parents earn less than around $75K a year then the entire tab is picked up by the school.

    IMHO, that's exactly the way it should be. It's an early lesson to learning that you get out of life exactly what you put into it.
  9. That’s how people use to come out ahead in the stock market dividend reinvestment over a life time the end result was truly amazing.

    What ever happened to the magic of compounding? My goodness the Federal Reserve has things so screwed up currently, it’s truly sad.
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