She Shoots, She Scores

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  1. Great quote:
    Her line about her job as a small-town mayor being "sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities."


    She Shoots, She Scores
    Is there still an enthusiasm gap?
    September 4, 2008 7:52 a.m.

    St. Paul

    Twenty years after Ronald Reagan left office, Republicans who have long missed him may have found a future Margaret Thatcher. If John McCain wins, conservatives may find one of the most enduring accomplishments of his term will have been what he did before it started: helping to fill the Republican Party's future talent bench with such a fresh and compelling figure.

    Sarah Palin is a conviction politician, a naturally compelling speaker and someone who can relate to her audience on very human terms. America has just learned why Mrs. Palin enjoys the highest approval ratings of any governor in America.

    Liberal commentators glumly noted the thunderous applause in the convention hall last night. But they could do precious little to attack. Even Keith Olbermann, MSNBC's official attack dog, could muster only this as commentary on Mrs. Palin's performance: "People who like this sort of thing will find this ... the sort of thing they like."

    Mrs. Palin accomplished several things last night. First, she introduced herself and her story to the American people in a compelling and warm manner, complete with effective pictures of her proud family. Secondly, she praised John McCain's leadership, service to country and independence in a way that made him come alive. Thirdly, she effectively deflected the media and liberal criticism of her by saying they really represented an attack on the small-town and suburban values she grew up with. Lastly, she skewered Barack Obama with gusto but without meanness. Her line about her job as a small-town mayor being "sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities" brought the hall to its feet in a frenzy.

    Some hard-bitten political observers I know were uncharacteristically impressed with the Palin speech. Hal Stratton, a former Attorney General of New Mexico, wrote to me as follows: "That's what we out west call openin' a whole can of whip a— on your opponents."

    Other observers were more restrained, but still impressed. "She passed her first major test, and if the reaction of the crowd in the hall is any indication, with flying colors," says Peter Brown, the deputy director of the Quinnipiac Poll. "So much for the comparisons with Dan Quayle, who couldn't have given that speech if his life depended on it. Obviously, Sarah Palin probably went down better in Warren, Michigan than she did in Washington, D.C. -- but that was the whole point of her speech and her candidacy." Indeed, while Mrs. Palin certainly won't swing any deeply blue states in John McCain's direction, she may have an impact in swaying independent voters as well as boosting GOP turnout in swing states such as Colorado, Nevada and Michigan.

    One of the standard operating theories this Election Year is that Barack Obama and the Democrats are much more energized, excited and willing to work hard for victory in November.

    After Sarah Palin's remarkably effective speech, I don't think any pundits or politicians will be able to count on a decisive Democratic enthusiasm edge. Sarah Palin electrified the hall, and from what I can tell from my e-mail inbox that excitement is being replicated in living rooms across the country.
  2. Indeed, "she shoots."

    Yes, McCain has found himself a new gun moll. But let's see how she performs under fire during the debates.
  3. She has definitely energized the republicans. Hopefully, they will be as fired up as the democrats to get out the vote in November.
  4. She will perform just fine against Biden. He has no verbal discipline. He just likes to hear himself speak.
  5. Based on the convention viewership, it looks like only the right wing-nuts tuned in.

    Keep on playing pom-poms. Stick to gays, guns and god.

    Any other issue such as the economy and global instability would be too complicated for you people to grasp.
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    You seem to have anger issues.:)
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    Great read,JB;
    Chris Wallace of FOX news, said ''a star is born''

    Let the star wars begin;
    win one for the gipper:cool:
  8. LLTG (Long Live The Gipper)! I think this has energized a lot of republicans. It should be an interesting race.