She says now is the best time to buy stocks in decades!!!!

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    You bulls must be thrilled to know that this lady is announcing huge upside potential for stocks, my question is where the fuck was she the last 2 years???
    Always funny to come across these type of articles. She claims right now is the best time to buy stocks in decades, hmmmmm!!!!

    So thousands of stocks over the last 2 years are up hundreds and hundreds of percent, dozens up thousands of percent and she's yelling now is the best time to buy stocks in "decades"!!!!!!

    Wait she predicted the drop in 1987 so she has to be at least 99.9% sure that now is really the best time to buy.

    I guess when Bubble ben bernanke will do anything to prop a market higher there seems to be zero risk going long. Haha

    I'm getting ready for QE 3 and QE4!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing like inflation and asset bubbles!!!!

    Best Time to Buy Stocks in Decades: Black Monday Seer | December 22, 2010 | 01:54 PM EST
    The woman who predicted the 1987 stock market crash says now is the best time to buy stocks that she has seen in decades.

    "My thirteen stock market indicators are at a bullish level—they are at 71 percent. Anything above 65 percent is bullish, 30 percent would be a sell signal or a major bear market—before the crash of '87 the indicators got down to 9 percent," Elaine Garzarelli, president of Garzarelli Capital, told CNBC's "The Strategy Session" on Thursday.

    Garzarelli cites what happened with Japan's Nikkei 225 Index as one reason to be so bullish right now on the equity market here in the United States.

    "In Japan, after they implemented QE1 [quantitative easing], and they did it with aggression, the stock market [Nikkei] went up 50 percent. The second time they did it with aggression, like we're [U.S.] doing it, the stock market went up 80 percent. When they stopped QE, the stock market went down 50 percent," she said.

    "QE does help the stock market, doesn't always help the economy," she said.

    "If this is not working, we'll be able to see it pretty easily in the statistics that come out and that would change our mind," Garzarelli said, adding, "So if QE2 does not work and we go into a recession with earnings down 30 percent, my indicators would drop to 20 percent and I'd change my mind."

    "At this point things look pretty good. And the statistics that are coming out in the last two weeks have been very favorable, right down the line," she said.

    Heading in 2011, Garzarelli is recommending four ETFs (exchange-traded funds):

    Consumer Discret Select Sector SPDR [ XLY_37.79_ +0.05 (+0.13%) ]
    Industrial Select Sector SPDR [ XLI_34.89_ +0.08 (+0.23%) ]
    Materials Select Sector SPDR [ XLB_38.04_ -0.02 (-0.05%) ]
  2. The DOW will probably be at 50K in 2030 or so....

    Why not.

    Imagine being transported back to 1960 and telling people the DOW would reach 15K...

    You would have been called a crazy madman.
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    If you want to get on CNBC you have to be prepared to make bold forecasts even though forecasting stock market's over the coming 12 month's is a fools game. I recommend Dan Gardner's latest book "Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Fail - And Why We listen to Them Anyway".

    I am a trend follower and, by definition, I do not make forecasts. David Harding, founder of trend following hedge fund firm Winton Capital, was interviewed on CNBC by Erin Burnett and asked which way he thinks the market is going. David, whose firm has $16B AUM, laughed and said "I don't know.".

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