She loves her new Obamaphone

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  1. I am spending Easter weekend in Roxboro N.C. which .... for those who don't know anything about North Carolina... is basically the armpit of the universe.

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to Walmart (which is the must-go social center of the entire town and just about the only place to shop). At checkout I was delighted to be in line behind two sizeable ladies.

    One of the women was bragging about her brand new Obamaphone. She had a new Android Smartphone with free service - all paid for with my tax dollars. She further loudly conveyed that she was making lots of money renting out the rooms in her house but she "don't tell the government about that". After Walmart she had an appointment to get her nails and hair done in the local salon.

    Of course, both women paid for their purchases with EBT cards. This included ham, shrimp, and all the snacks & fixings for Easter dinner. Of course, both acted greatly offended and made a scene when the clerk told them they could not pay with food stamps for two cases or beer and 8 bottles of wine.

    Two questions:

    Why are my tax dollars paying for all of this?

    ... and who the heck needs two cases of cheap beer for Easter dinner?
  2. The Leftists don't care. After all, somebody else is paying for it all.

    We will continue down the same path... until we "run out of somebody else's money."

    :mad: :mad:
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    That's simple enough, so that ignorant sheeple will continue to vote for democraps.

    I've spent some time in Danville, VA not far from there. You're right, that whole region is a shit hole.
  4. Danville is actually two steps above Roxboro. Danville suffered from the demise of their textile industry and the closure of Dan Mills, but the commercial economy has bounced back some with an abundance of shopping & retail options.

    Roxboro never really recovered when the Tobacco industry went downhill. Their last tobacco auction house is now closed and the few manufacturing plants struggling to hold on (GKN, etc.).

    There is a real problem with poverty confronting Roxboro, however on the flip side of the coin - many of the local people seem content to live off of Uncle Sugar and abuse the benefits system in every way imaginable.
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    There's a lot of that going around.

    "Good Job Mr President"
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    Flame throwers come to mind.
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    Yes, and the democrats should be in prison for the destruction of MY Country and their LEGAL vote buying. :mad: :mad:
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    Too bad you didn't catch a name or an address off that card. Or even followed her to her car and got the license number.

    I'm sure the IRS would like to know about her unreported income.
  10. really? Think they have time for that? They just got loaded up with overseeing obamacare..
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