She is 26, she made $4B out of nothing!

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    there was a report that a chinese lady married with a poor man suddenly had $4b in her name. as reported, she used $400m cash to buy 4 business and hired thousands of employees who got paid 200% of average pay, and give free carwash, dry cleaning in the city. she bought buildings in blocks.

    now, tax man is investigating how she got this money. 2 yrs ago she has $0. her reply to the media is "i made $4b from trading futures with some luck and good instructor"

    the questions are two
    1 how she earned $4b from her initial $8m in 2 years? the $8m is an unsecured loan.
    2 why wouldn't she claim she traded forex where leverage is more.

    most internet postors think it is an impossible record and she just laundries money for somebody else.
  2. Sounds like the "Hillary" trading system.

    Typically used on Cattle. :p
  3. is she in vancouver? probably basement gardening


    how in the hell would she get a 8mil loan when she has nothing to begin with? should have asked which gang she is fronting for?
  4. Link? :confused:
  5. Forex has less volatilty.

    Possible! She took the other side of Amaranth's natty gas bet. 8B in 2 weeks. No need 2 yrs.
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    I think it is in chinese. :)
  7. The Hillary trades were odd. I read that she turned $1000 into $100,000 in less than 1 year. She had no losing trades and suddenly stopped trading when she reached $100,000, no explanation why she would stop trading after such a good run.
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  9. I watched a biog of Mae West.What a woman.Made a fortune from bringing the prostitutes she observed to a broadway audience.Then,apart from her films,bought up land surrounding the growing Los Angeles which she sold on at a huge profit.Some people are born survivors and use what they have/can take and run with it.Another example:When a boy,a future Hollywood mogul used to sell papers at the entrance to the train stations.During rush hour,his brother would come along,appear to rough him up and loudly warn him that if he didn't sell all his papers he'd get worse.Those close enough to see all bought papers.Presumably when they'd seen it twice they were in too much of a hurry to care or rather laughed.There's no limit for some people who know people.
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    the report is in chinese. the news broke up like 1.5 months ago. at first the woman refused to say where the money was coming from. then she said she traded futures using $8m loan and advice from a person aks "future god".

    the interesting point are those.
    1 she had no connection to government or rich people
    2 the "future god" seems to have much less wealth than hers
    3 it is impossible to trade from 8m to 4b in 2 years
    4 the hillary's case is only 100k. this is 4b. it is a lot of difficult to move 4b without trace
    5 so far it is only her to spend the money wildly. her spending is not linked to any other rich man.
    6 4b CASH is big money, no matter if it is usa or china.
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