She got the house, kids, and $750 million

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  1. Good point...maybe I should go work for the government.
  2. And to think this is a trading site. The $750MM reported by "The Sun" is a fabrication. There is not truth to the settlement figure.
  3. this is a speculation site
  4. Hey, this site is called elitetrader. If someone trades a deadbeat cheating spouse for the house, kids and $750 million dollars, thats a pretty good freakin' trade!
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    atticus may know something... but I agree that 750 figure seems to high.
    Whatever he has to hide, it can't be worth 750 million.
  6. I'll bet anyone here that she doesn't get more than $250MM, NPV. You're relying on a UK tabloid for facts relating to a divorce that has yet to be filed.
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    I think that more than anything it is just to keep her off every media outlet in the country. If she is out their making her rounds in the media every month or two for years to come, tigers endorsement value is probably diminished by more than the a few hundred million, regardless of what she says.

    With that said, i agree 750 million seems high.
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