Shawty Lo: Lincoln Freed Us for This?

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  1. "Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page says that All My Babies' Mamas -- the story of rapper Shawty Lo and his 11 children with 10 different women -- is just one example of new forms of slavery that we impose on ourselves."

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    Shawty is currently dating a 19 yo girl, his oldest child is 21

    At 3:58 he tries to match up the kids name with picture.
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  3. This is sicking all around

    10 kids with 9 mothers

    These pathetic ass women letting him impregnate them after he already has multiple kids with multiple women

    His pathetic ass cant even remember the names of all his children

    The impregnator and his baby mothers would want to put this shit on TV

    A network would put this pathetic shit on TV etc etc etc
  4. Those slave shippers created of a lot of problems didn't they.
  5. Do these women deserve to receive food stamps and housing assistance?
  6. NO !!!!!!!!!!
  7. Oh..I see...:cool: :D

    Let the children pay for the sins of the parents...Huh? Huh?

    Any chance of parenting classes instead of sex ed? Seems anyone can learn to fuck without too much traing.. Getting it in the right hole, that sort of thing.:D The school should pass out birth control instead of sausage sandwiches for breakfast. I'm not promoting BC, just that in the hood people have a tendency to forget to take the pill. Actually, they forget a lot of things, pencils, papers, deoderant....Oh stop it nutmeg....:cool: :D