Shaw to test 1Gbps fiber in Canada

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  1. "Canadian cable provider Shaw is set to introduce gigabit Internet to its customers on
    a trial basis, the ISP said. This will be the first Canadian implementation of the high-
    speed technology, which promises to bring data transfer speeds that are 10 times
    faster than Shaw's current 100Mbps High-Speed Nitro Internet service offered only
    in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. The 1,000Mbps service will be delivered to
    homes over a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connection.
    The trial is expected to begin in April, though will likely be limited to customers in
    Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver at most, at least initially. Prices for the service
    are unknown at this time. It is expected to be higher than the $159 CAD (US$152)
    High-Speed Nitro service, however.[Up to 100 Mbps download 5 Mbps upload speed]
    Its strategy mirrors a similar approach being promoted by Google, although the latter's
    is considered mostly experimental and is waiting on companies and organizations to
    help. Shaw's trial should be the first of its sort in North America." end
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  3. How about other major cities?
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