sharp drop in physical gold buying

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  1. according to gold bugs, they cart out 50 tons a day for backyard burial and other activities.

    wha happ?
  2. oh, i know, itz all going into

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    this guy looks like another underwater short.
  4. =========================================
    Mr pika;
    When the news seems to contradict candlecharts;
    some prefer charts[the truth tellers]:D

    Wisdom is profitable to direct:cool:
    Also even if a '' sharp drop in phycical gold buying'' , but sell volume drops even sharper= uptrend is your friend;
    again + again.:cool:

    Hope this helps; it helped me.
  5. Was this the video talking about a drop in demand at the U.S. mint?

    The U.S. mint isn't a significant source of gold demand.
  6. why not read the article about the 400oz bars being withdrawn from the LBME sent to switzerland to melt down into smaller bars and then being sent out east.

    us mint gold coin production is such a small amount of phys demand.
  7. I'm not sure what point your trying to make, but U.S. mint demand is close to irrelevant.
  8. You realize how much more gold they sell in the east than here in the United States?
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