Sharon Angle Sends Joy Behar Flowers To Thank Her For Angles Major Fundraising Surge

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Oct 27, 2010.

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    lol, that's great.
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    The Ms. Jerry Springer of morning talk shows, sad part she's too stupid to realize that most people view her somewhere between, at best, a joke and worst detestable.

    The show is just a mouthpiece of the liberal left agenda.

    I'm sick of left sucking, brainless Hollywood dumb-asses and the like given creditability in the media....... I could care less what Lady Gaga, Matt Damon, yada yada yada have to say on any pertinent subject matter. They're placed in front of a camera for face recognition, not because there's an intelligent thought leaking from their cranial matter out their pie-holes.