sharkinvesting and LBR chat room

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by biv, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. biv


    HI all,

    would like to see some comments on

    1. - i want to use this for holding swing trading account for little longer terms. any ideas?

    2. use some chat room for day trading calls and confirmation of my ideas generated from trad ideas.
  2. biv


    come on guys .... is there anyone who has tried sharkinvesting and there experience.

    also lbr chat room to take calls for day trading... i dont plan to follow all the call just want picks to analyze and then dcide on my own.
  3. Aok


    Dont know about sharkinvesting.

    As far as LBR is concerned. Even though she is somewhat well known in the trading world, I would not use her chatroom as anything more than a learning experience.

    I suspect her calls are 50/50 in terms of w/l though not p&l. As with any "guru" there are nuances to their stuff. Since you are not them, why try and be their clone? Be an original. You will take the losers and avoid the winners. That's why you're in their chatroom. They take the trades most traders cant.

    You can definitely learn from her experience over the last 20 years but in the end you must develop what works for you.

    That is the only way you will develop trust to pull the trigger.

    Dont be a sycophant. Not ever.
  4. biv


    i am not looking for taking each call. all i am trying is to get ideas to trade. based on alerts i will pull out a chart and see if it matchs my risk/reward ratio and would like to enter trade.

    also i plan to make only a few trades per day and not stress my self doing an very active trading.
    few trades - should meet all my criterion. would like to keep my trades open for longer time frame. what i researched this are thefollowing sites which can help in generating trade ideas.
    2.lbr chat room ideas
    4.briefing active trader services