Shark Week

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    Any of you watch this on Discovery? It's usually the same old stuff, but for some reason I watch it.:confused:
    And yes, when I get in the ocean always have "that thought" in the back of my mind. Lol
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    Big AAPL

    As a former shark charter captain , I still find it fascinating to watch these magnificent creatures. The high speed footage on an HD widescreen LCD is something my grandparents would only dream about. The way they capture a GW in mid air is amazing, and I never tire of watching it.
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    God sure created some amazing animals. I've caught several sharks when I was a kid, and yes, they were "good eating." lol That was 30 years ago. I took my Sons on a private charter last year, and they caught some really nice white tips 4-5ft. Difference then vs now is we throw them back, as we came out to catch yellow fin tuna, mahi, etc., not sharks.

    The damn orientals are determined to screw up the oceans with this shark finning shit. I'm a dyed in the wool no bullshit conservative, but also realize these animals keep a balance in the ocean we've gotta have.

    Am I a little nervous when I hit the waves to swim? Yes, but only after watching shark week. Lol!
  4. Today's quote from a banker - "I don't watch 'Shark Week', I live it."
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    I used to watch, not so much any more though.
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  7. Don't swim in the water in Western Australia

    Last summer shark lines were deployed off numerous popular beaches in Perth and surrounds but the 'greenies' kicked up such a hue and cry that this year they will not be deploying regular shark lines.
    The argument being, we humans are enroaching on their (shark's) territory so we should let them eat humans...
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