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  1. Are there any other software packages
    out there like Hotcomm that allow you
    to share your desktop and host for
    you so that your bandwidth is not
    affected ?
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  3. I've never heard of any problems that does desktop sharing without affecting your bandwidth or the bandwidth of those watching your desktop.

    All the ones I've tried have either affected my bandwidth or the other computer's bandwidth.

    Thus, your going to need to find one that's tolerable concerning the bandwidth usage issue.

    Most of these programs have free trials and shouldn't take you too long to find one that's suitable for your needs.

    In addition, some of the variables concerning the usefulness of such programs has to do with your ISP.

  4. I believe using Hotcomm doesn't affect your own bandwidth
    since they host your desktop
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    I've used this product successfully. it streams the entire desktop so the text chat part of a hotcomm session won't be there. In my case we don't use text but use a ventrilo room for voice. You can take a free test drive if you like. Does use some bandwidth but I never found it to be an issue on either cable, fios or when I had a 1.5mb dsl line interfering with the voice.


    Good luck and good trading.

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